1. All members are required to wear their club badges or identification in a visible manner while on club property.
  2. Members are responsible for signing guests in the log book upon arriving at the club. Guests must wear visitor’s badge while on club property. Return badges when done for the day. See Guest Policy.
  3. All persons on the range must wear hearing protection.
  4.  All persons on the range must wear eye protection.
  5. You must properly holster or have cased all firearms upon exiting your vehicle and/or firearms that are carried onto club property.
  6. When firearms are uncased or un-holstered, all actions must be open and the firearm unloaded, except when ready to shoot.
  7. Firearms are not to be un-holstered or uncased unless on a firing line.
  8. All firearms are assumed to be loaded and should be treated as such. All loading and/or unloading of firearms must be done on a designated range line only. Absolutely no loading or unloading of firearms in any clubhouse. 
  9. All doors and gates are to remain locked, unless otherwise posted, to prevent unauthorized use of club property.
  10. No alcoholic beverages or drugs are allowed on club property at any time, nor any person under the influence of same.  Violation of this rule will be cause for immediate dismissal. 
  11. No food or beverages are allowed on any firing line. 
  12. No smoking is allowed on any firing line. Special caution should be taken around black powder.
  13.  All ranges are to be kept policed in a reasonable decent manner. Trash receptacles are provided for your convenience. 
  14. Shooting is allowed on designated ranges only. 
  15. Only one gun and accompanying ammunition is allowed uncased at any time while shooting. 
  16. One shooter and coach are allowed per shooting station.
  17. All members are responsible for reading signs posted on ranges and adherence to same.
  18. Obey all firing line commands immediately.
  19. Persons shooting in organized club events take preference over individual shooters.
  20. The rules of the N.R.A. and CMP have preference.
  21. No member observing a rule infraction is allowed to let it go uncorrected.
  22. Every member is authorized to act as a Range Officer in order to enforce the range safety rules.
  23. All members are requested to help novice shooters,or new members, to explain the use of firearms,club range rules and advise and instruct when appropriate.
  24. Range officers will be responsible for coordination of the cease fire procedures and and enforcement of all rules and regulations.
  25. Targets are to be placed on designated target holders only. Do not raise firearm above the target line. Shoot only at target directly in front of shooting position. No cross firing allowed.
  26. All firearms must be raised from the shooting bench. No shooting from the hip or quick drawing.
  27. When moving from one shooting station to another, firearm must be unloaded and the action open. The firearm must be pointed up in a safe direction.
  28. No incendiary, tracer or armor piercing ammunition is to be used on any range.
  29. The use of exploding targets is strictly prohibited.
  30. It is recommended that members load and shoot no more than ten (10) rounds at a time. Extreme care should be taken when rapid firing.
  31. Always be certain that bullets hit the designated target impact area.
  32. The placing of objects or the walking on or disruption of any dirt berm or range backstop is prohibited.
  33. No vehicles are to be driven on any range. Vehicles are to be parked in designated areas only.
  34. Be courteous to assure that spent casings do not interfere with other shooters.
  35. The shooting of any wildlife on club property is strictly prohibited.
  36. When arriving at a range and you appear to be alone, be certain that no other person is down range before firing.
  37. If you are down range and someone arrives to shoot, make your presence known.
  38. In the event a malfunction prevents you from clearing and/or unloading your firearm, do not remove firearm from the firing line. Seek assistance.