Archery Range Updates

There is one new target backstop completely revamped and ready to use.

There are three 3-D targets set up on the field in line with the 1st shooting station. 

There is a new shooting station that will allow 2 people to shoot at the target backstop at a time. The new station has an integrated bow hanger on each side and we will be adding an arrow quiver to it and be painting them as we go. 

The 3-D targets are not to be moved under any circumstances or they will be removed from the field.

The black rubber sheets in a Pile on the right of the field are not to be used under any circumstances. They are not ours.

As for rule changes ... (May 28, 2019) 

It has come to my attention that people may have been shooting arrows at the knife throwing station and that is not allowed. Shooting across the road is prohibited as well. All archers are to shoot from the designated shooting stations only.

Ceasefire procedures for the new archery range are as follows.

  1. Contact all archers explain to them that you need to do a cease fire to retrieve arrows or fix a target etc. 
  2. Make sure they understand and all shooting has stopped. 
  3. There is to be no shooting during this time. When the stations are finished a red flag will be put up during a ceasefire until we get power to run a ceasefire light.

See Full Archery Rules at X. Archery Range