Monthly Club Meetings

Club Meetings are the second Monday of each month and begin at 7 PM. (Existing Members only).
If a holiday, meeting is the following Monday.
Existing Members are encouraged to attend.
No shooting is allowed 15 minutes prior to or during the meeting per our by-laws.


The trap range is club run on Sunday afternoon from noon to 2 PM.
The manual trap thrower is also available to members from 10 AM to dusk Monday through Saturday and from noon  to dusk Sundays provided the trap range is not being run by the trap committee. See below.

See complete Trap Rules at

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BRPC Rifle Team

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The Rifle Team shoots on Tuesday nights, 7:30pm to 10:00pm, from October through March. There are about 22 matches, half of them at home, and the schedule is posted in the clubhouse. Any senior member of the Club is eligible to shoot on the team. You can use any .22 caliber rimfire rifle, loaded one-at-a-time, with iron or telescopic sights. The Club supplies the targets. Only the top four weekly scores count for the match.

Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP)

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Ross Estabrooks, Chairman
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The primary purpose of the Civilian Marksmanship Program (C.M.P.), and the D.C.M. program it is descended from, is to introduce civilian shooters to the use of high-power military type rifles. Our club holds orientation matches on the third Saturday of the month, from March through November, to introduce shooters to the world of high power rifle target shooting. 

The rifles which currently can be used in these service rifle competitions are the Venerable M-1 Garand, the M-14 (M-1A), and the M-16 (AR-15). Other rifles may be allowed at the discretion of the match director. These matches are designed around first-time shooters, although there is friendly competition among the more experienced shooters. For safety reasons, we attempt to have each shooter supplied with an experienced coach/spotter. BRPC supplies the rifle (M-1 Garand or AR-15), targets and 50 rounds of ammunition for a nominal fee (currently $25 for the M-1 and $25 for the AR-15). 

Our current course of fire consists of 50 rounds fired from 4 different shooting positions. These matches are open to non-members as well as members. Any individual wishing to participate need only provide eye and ear protection. Junior shooters are welcome, but must be physically able to safely handle the rifle involved. Junior shooters currently receive a $5 discount on the above prices. Shooters using their own rifle and ammunition pay only $5 to cover the cost of the targets. 

By participating in these matches, shooters also have the opportunity to purchase a service grade M-1 rifle from the Civilian Marksmanship Program for use in marksmanship training and competition. Please visit the CMP website at WWW.ODCMP. ORG for more information on the purchase process and rifle availability. Match dates are posted in the clubhouse, but are always on the third Saturday of the month from March through November. The match signup and orientation begin at 9 AM, and the actual firing begins at around 10 AM. Hope to see you there ! 
2018 CMP Schedule 
For more information on the Civilian Marksmanship Program go to:
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BRP NRA Matches


We hold a number of NRA Registered 900 or 1800 Indoor Pistol Tournaments each year in our 15 port 25-yard indoor range. Recently we hosted the Mass State Indoor Pistol Championships and the Hamilton Memorial, a metallic sight 900. These matches are open to NRA members only.  A .22 caliber rimfire revolver or pistol is needed to compete in the 900’s and a .32 cal or larger center fire revolver or pistol to compete in the 1800’s.  For more information, schedules and registration, see our NRA Tournaments website  here.

BRPC Juniors Program

The Junior’s Program offers instructions in gun safety and competitive shooting with an emphasis in NRA 4-postion small-bore rifle shooting.  The program is open to all kids 11-18 years old. They need not be associated in any way with a club member or any organization. 

juniors3Program Instructors provide a comprehensive safety orientation and instruction on the use of the club’s 22 caliber single shot rifles.  The program runs from 7 PM to 9:30 PM every Friday night.  New shooters are welcome throughout the year.

The NRA small-bore 4 position’ and American Rifleman Qualification Programs are supported as is the Boy Scouts of America Rifle Badge Program. We have a BSA Counselor/Instructor in house. Girl Scouts, JROTC, Sea Cadets, 4H and school teams are also welcome. Large groups (more than 4) must contact me first so adequate range coverage can be ensured.

Range officers are always present as are experienced shooters and instructors. Total program cost is $20 per year and includes the use of club rifles (Marlin 2000 International Standard Rifle), ammunition (22LR), spotting scopes, slings, gloves and targets (A-17 & A-36). The course of fire is indoors at 50 ft. We provided the required eye and ear protection.  

I look forward to seeing you on Friday. Please feel free to contact me with questions about the program.

Mike McCabe
Director of Juniors Programs