Executive Board and Members Meetings

The Executive Board meets the first Monday of each month. If a holiday, meeting is the following evening.
Members meeting are the second Monday of each month. If a holiday, meeting is the following Monday.

2022 Club Officers

President Eric S. Goldman
Vice President Ross Estabrooks
Treasurer Eric S. Goldman
Secretary John Belcher
Chief Range Officer Ron Zooleck
Chief Exec. Officer Dale Weaver
Asst. Exec. Officer Jeff MacLean
Fin. Committee Chair John Harkins
Plan. Bd. Chair Howie Larosee
Dir. Jrs. Program Mike McCabe
Senior Member Dave McDonald
Past President Vacant

 **Club officers can be contacted through the club web site**

Membership Application Form is Offline

The next New Member Orientation registration date is February 27, 2023.
This is where the online application form will appear when it is open. There will also be a "countdown clock" at the top of this page when the next registration date is announced.

Registration for the February 12th Orientation class is FULL. No new applications are being accepted at this time.
Future dates of Orientation classes with limited seating are are listed on this page. Please return to this page for the next available signup date.