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Learning how to shoot and would like to join our club?

Question: I am interested in learning how to shoot and would like to join your club.  What do I have to do?

Answer: I am going to try to keep this answer short, to the point and in layman's terms.

  • In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts one must have a license to own or possess a gun.
  • This license is administered/granted through your local town or city police department.
  • There are many common procedures that all must follow and sometime minor variations depending on where you live.
  • Everyone must take a "Gun Safety Course" from a Massachusetts State Police certified instructor.  A partial list of these instructors can be found here.The course consists of both classroom and shooting in a range over a ten hour period of time.
  • Many (not all) police departments require you to be a member of a gun club.  If you are interested in joining BRPC please see questions in this section concerning membership.
  • Once you have taken the "Gun Safety Course" and attended our new members orientation, you then take both the diploma and letter from us to your local police department where you apply for a license.
  • For further clarification check out the New Member Application Procedure.

Hours for Outdoor Ranges

Question: I am a little confused about the hours for the outdoor ranges.  Can you help me?

Answer: All ranges are open everyday between the hours of 10am till dusk(7.00pm?) as long as a range officer is present.  Range officers volunteer their time to open the ranges and sometimes they can't make it due to other commitments.  To find out if a range officer is on duty please call the clubhouse before leaving for the range (781-843-9776 or 781-356-6323).  You can also bring a firearm to shoot indoors if the outdoor ranges are closed.

How do I Pay my Dues?

Question: How do I pay my dues?

Answer: The annual dues are:
Senior Member - $125.00
Spousal Member $25.00
Retired Member - $60.00
Life Member- $0.00

The following are the different ways of paying your annual dues:

  1. Send a check with your badge number written upon it, for the proper amount as listed above
  2. Leave a check for the proper amount (No Cash) in the Treasurers box just to the left inside the main clubhouse entrance. Remember the badge number
  3. Come to the club any Sunday through January from 9:00am and 11:30am

New Member Orientation?

Question: Can you tell me about the New Member Orientation?

Answer: The new members orientation takes place every month except August and December.  (See Schedule) They start at 8:30 AM and usually go until about 11:45 AM.  The schedule breaks down into the following sections:

  1. New Candidates turn in their completed applications, show the license (if they have one) and pay an initiation fee and dues for the particular year that they are joining.
  2. The President of the club welcomes you and has some brief comments.
  3. Considerable time is spent going through the rules of the club.  Each candidiate is issued a rule book.
  4. The candidates are broken into groups (if necessary)  and are taken for a tour of the club property ....all of the ranges, the club houses, etc
  5. By that time it will be approaching noon. Those who have gun permits will be given a magnetic security which will give them access to the club 24/7/365. Those who do not have a license, but are applying for one, will be given a letter made out to their licensing authority (the police) stating that they have applied for membership, attended our New Members Orientation, and have been provisionally accepted as members pending their presentation of an LTC or FID card.

Just Got my License. What do I do Now?

Question: I have attended New Members Class and just got my license. What do I do now?

Answer: You can make an appointment to pick up a badge by clicking here to set up a time.  Upon submittal, you will receive a confirmation for the appointment via e-mail.  We know you are anxious to start shooting and will try to get that new badge in your hands as soon as possible.

Can Provisional Members use the Club

Question: Can provisional members use the club before they present their LTC or FID card.Can provisional members use the club before they present their LTC or FID card?

Answer: Provisional members are not allowed to use the club.  Upon presentation of an FID or LTC, the Treasurer's office will issue the magnetic security badge which will give total access 24/7/365.

Hunter Safety Classes and Sign up

Does the club hold Hunter Safety Classes and how do I sign upAnswer:The answer is technically "No".  We do however provide our facility for the classes.  They are completely run by the Commonwealth.  The phone number to get further information is 978-632-7648.  Information may also be found at

BRPC Juniors Program

I have heard very good things about the BRPC Juniors program.I have heard very good things about the BRPC Juniors program.Answer:We have a terrific programs for Juniors.  It is one of the oldest programs in the club.  It is headed by Director Mike McCabe The program is well supervised and the instruction emphasizes safety, respect and skill.  Parents are welcome and free to help out if they are so inclined.  Our program offers NRA 4-position small-bore rifle shooting with an emphasis in 3 Position ISSF/NCAA/NRA style target shooting. We also instruct in ISSF/NRA/NCAA Precision Air Rifle and Air Pistol target shooting.