Pistol Team is Looking for New Members

Anyone with a 22 caliber semiauto pistol is welcome to join. Everyone shoots. Team scores are recorded for the top five shooters for competition, but EVERYONE shoots. Home and away meets are on Thursday nights

See our web site under Activities – Pistol Team for schedules and additional information.
https://brp.org/activities/pistol-team (2023-2024 Schedule posted Sept 5, 2023)

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Pistol Team Schedule 2023-2024

Click here to download Full League Schedule (all teams) as Printable PDF (125K)

2023-2024 South Shore Rifle & Pistol League Pistol Schedule


2023 2024 Pistol schedule

Pistol Team

BRP Pistol Team
The BRPC Pistol Team

Come join the Pistol Team for a great evening of shooting excitement. Come join the Pistol Team for a great evening of shooting excitement. 

The Pistol team shoots every Thursday night 7:30 to about 9:30 or when done shooting. Anyone can shoot with us. The match is structured with a Range Officer calling the match. All you need is a .22 handgun that can hold a minimum of 5 rounds. We shoot standing at 50 ft. one hand for 3 targets. Slow Fire, 10 rounds in 10 minutes, Timed Fire, 2 sets of 5 rounds in 20 seconds each and Rapid Fire, 2 sets of 5 rounds in 10 seconds each. We only count the top 5 shooters scores so you can not hurt the team if you are a bit rusty. With the league, we track our scores and watch as get we more and more proficient.

There is always someone to help and answer any questions regarding your shooting goals. During the winter we shoot with the South Shore Rifle and Pistol League and there are about 8 clubs we shoot against. We also have a Summer league where we shoot at home and when weather permits at the outdoor range.  

Come and watch or shoot with us. All members welcome and a friendly group of men and women to hangout with.