1. Any member observing an unsafe situation should immediately call a "cease fire".
  2. When the command "cease fire" is heard, immediately stop shooting, apply safety, place firearm on bench with muzzle pointed down range, step back behind the yellow line and await further instructions.
  3. Upon command, render your firearm safe by removing all ammunition/magazines/clips. (decap/remove primer on black powder guns).
  4. Place firearm on shooting bench with Muzzle pointed down range with action open.
  5. Once your firearm is rendered safe, step back away from shooting station, behind the yellow line.
  6. Do not handle any firearm or ammunition during a cease fire.
  7. No person is to go forward of any firing line until all firearms are determined to be in a safe mode.
  8. On all indoor and outdoor ranges, upon calling a cease fire, the cease fire light must be turned on before walking down range. No shooting is to recommence until the cease fire is concluded and the cease fire light turned off.
  9. When a cease fire is called on one of the outdoor range, shooters on the other ranges may continue shooting unless the situation dictates otherwise.
  10. For target change, the cease fire command should be coordinated with shooters on the line.
  11. When a target change is requested, shooters may continue normal course of shooting. Do not reload.
  12. If a range officer is present, he/she will be responsible for the coordination of the cease firer and target change procedures on the range.
  13. Once all shooters are certain that all firing lines are clear and safe, you may proceed down range to hang targets.
  14. You may use the target change procedure to retrieve brass in front of the shooting bench only. Brass behind the bench may only be retrieved during the regular course of fire.
  15. No one is allowed to touch or place anything on the bench during a cease fire.
  16. Targets and staple guns should be kept separate from gun case when on the firing line.
  17. You are not permitted to pack up and leave or unpack to prepare to shoot, during a cease fire or a target change procedure. You must wait until the cease fire has concluded.