1. Firearms
    1. Handguns.
    2. All rimfire rifles.
    3. Air pistols and air rifles (with Pellets only).
    4. No other rifles or shotguns are allowed.
    5. Black powder pistols are allowed with the consent of fellow shooters.
  2. Ammunition
    1. Lead, alloy, jacketed, semi-jacketed bullets are allowed.
    2. Handgun caliber ammunition only.
    3. Magnum loads are allowed
    4. Armor piercing, incendiary and tracer ammunition is prohibited
    5. No BB's are allowed. Pellets are allowed.
    6. No centerfire rifle ammunition, shotgun, shot shell or slugs are allowed.
  3. Targets
    1. Paper targets only
    2. No targets larger than 12"x 18". 
    3. The minimum distance from the shooting bench that targets may be set is 33' indicated by the yellow line (on walls).
  4. General Regulations
    1. The hours of operation are twenty-four (24) hours a day, 365 days a year, except during work details, scheduled shooting events and fifteen minutes prior to and during club meetings.
    2. Lights must be turned on when shooting unless match dictates otherwise.
    3. Exhaust fans must be turned on while any person is on the range.
    4. If you are the last person to leave the range/clubhouse, turn off all the lights and exhaust fans.
    5.No smoking or eating is allowed on the indoor range.
    6.All socializing is to be confined to the meeting area. The indoor range is for shooting only.
    7.All other general rules and regulations apply