1. Firearms 
    1. Rifles and shotguns allowed.
    2.Handguns chambered for rifle caliber cartridges are allowed. No other handguns are allowed, except for hunting handguns.
    3. Fully automatic firearms are allowed with written permission of the chief range officer or the executive board. Proper possession of the appropriate license is necessary. This permission is for one time use only.
  2. Ammunition 
    1. All calibers; except 50 cal. BMG
    2. Lead, alloy, semi-jacketed, jacketed ammunition.
    3. Shotgun slugs. birdshot and buckshot is allowed.
  3. Targets 
    1. Paper targets only.
    2. Targets must be placed in the center of the target frame.
    3. Only one (1) target per frame at fifty (50) yards.
    4. A maximum of three (3) targets may be placed vertically in the center of the target frame at 100 yards.
    5. When target frames are no longer useful, any member may replace them. Be certain that the appropriate target frame goes at the appropriate distance.
    6. Use designated target only when patterning shotgun, and only under the supervision of a range officer when no one is shooting.
  4. General Rules 
    1. The hours of operation are 10:00 a.m. until sunset. [Sunset is defined by the National Weather Service and printed in the daily newspaper].
    2. On Sunday and Holidays only 22 rimfire cal. Shooting is allowed from 10:10 a.m until noon. No other shooting is allowed on any outdoor range before noon time.
    3. All other general rules and regulations apply.