1. Firearms 
    1. Handguns.
    2. Pellet and BB guns.
    3. No center fire rifles or shotguns are allowed.
    4. Fully automatic firearms are allowed with the written permission of the chief range officer or the executive board. Proper possession of the required license is necessary. This permission is for one time use only.
  2. Ammunition 
    1. All handgun calibers.
    2. Lead, alloy, semi-jacketed and jacketed ammunition is allowed.
    3. No rifle caliber(s). (See Rifle Range).
  3. Targets 
    1. Paper targets only.
    2. Targets must be placed in the center of the target frame.
    3. Only one (1) target per frame. No target larger than 24"x 24" inches is allowed.
    4. When target frames are no longer useful, any member may replace them. Be certain that the appropriate target frame goes at the appropriate distance.