1. Firearms
    1. 22 cal. Handguns and rifles.
    2. Pellet and BB guns.
    3. No machine guns are allowed.
  2. Ammunition
    1. .22 cal. Rimfire, pellets and BB’s only.
    2. No Centerfire ammunition is allowed.
    1. Plastic bottles, jugs etc. or tin/aluminum cans only.
    2. No food, glass, hazardous materials (e.g. paint cans, batteries, aerosol cans etc.) are allowed.
    3. Paper targets with the use of designated frames are allowed at Fifty (50) yard only.
    4. Balloons may be used on designated frames only. Balloons may be hung on strings in the center of the frames
    5. No swinging or stationary metallic targets are allowed
    6. All targets are to be placed on the railroad ties in front of the berms. No targets are to be placed on the sand berms.
  4. General Rules
    1. You must dispose of all targets when shooting is completed.