A. Bows

  1. All bows, including crossbows, re-curve and compound bows are allowed.
  2. No firearms of any kind allowed.

B. Arrows

  1. Target and field points only.
  2. Broadheads or hunting points are allowed on designated targets only.

C. Targets

  1. Paper targets only.
  2. Targets must be placed in the center of the frame.
  3. No glass, tin cans, bottles etc.

D. General Rules

  1. No one is allowed down range until the range is declared all clear.
  2. No smoking is allowed on the archery range.
  3. Eye and ear protection is not required equipment on the archery range.
  4. No cutting or any tools are to be used on targets for the removal of arrows.
  5. The arrow points must be of the same diameter as the arrow shaft.
  6. No defacing of targets or any other property.
  7. No drawing of any bows with an arrow unless the bow is pointed down range.
  8. The range will be closed during work parties.