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Question: I am interested in learning how to shoot and would like to join your club.  What do I have to do?

Answer: I am going to try to keep this answer short, to the point and in layman's terms.

  • In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts one must have a license to own or possess a gun.
  • This license is administered/granted through your local town or city police department.
  • There are many common procedures that all must follow and sometime minor variations depending on where you live.
  • Everyone must take a "Gun Safety Course" from a Massachusetts State Police certified instructor.  A partial list of these instructors can be found here.The course consists of both classroom and shooting in a range over a ten hour period of time.
  • Many (not all) police departments require you to be a member of a gun club.  If you are interested in joining BRPC please see questions in this section concerning membership.
  • Once you have taken the "Gun Safety Course" and attended our new members orientation, you then take both the diploma and letter from us to your local police department where you apply for a license.
  • For further clarification check out the New Member Application Procedure.