All outdoor ranges are open and operational. The work has been completed on the outdoor ranges to include additional overhead baffles, extended walls, increased height of the berms as well as some maintenance and repairs. In order to keep the ranges open, range officers are needed for weekday and weekend shifts. If you have available time, please contact the club via e mail.

The camera system allowing members to view if the outdoor ranges are open or closed should be operational soon. The temporary system turned out to be very temporary. A permanent mounting system will be employed and the system will be a combination of hardwire for the power and wi-fi for the camera. The picture will be able to be viewed on our web site when work is complete.

The indoor ranges are also open. A new floor material has been put down in the new range to make the floor easier to clean with the added benefit of reducing the sound levels.

Efforts are continuing regarding the expansion of the old range to add 6-8 additional shooting lanes, with some of the lanes to be dedicated to rifle shooting. A design is being evaluated and a land survey should be complete by the end of the summer. The planning board has been evaluating bullet traps, target carriers and shooting booths. Finances, of course, dictate both how, and how far we progress with this plan. Efforts by members of the planning board are greatly appreciated.