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JUNE 30, 2023 

On Monday, June 26th, the Chairman of the House Committee on the Judiciary concluded their so-called “top-down review” of the Commonwealth’s gun laws. It turns out the entire public process, including the “listening tour,” was a waste of time and a way to distract from their real objective. It’s very clear that while everyone got to speak, only a few in the room were actually listened to.

The result of their “review” can only be described as extreme and draconian. GOAL has gone so far as to re-brand it “The Lawful Citizens Imprisonment Act.” Since its introduction, HD. 4420 has sailed through the House and Joint Rules Committees and has been assigned to the Joint Committee on the Judiciary, despite not even having an official bill number. It will likely receive a hearing within the next two weeks; given the Fourth of July holiday is next week. Just like with the Listening Tour dates, we are likely to get very short notice-if any-of when the hearing will take place. So please keep an eye out for notices and updates from GOAL about this bill.

 The bill does its absolute best to criminalize gun ownership in the Commonwealth and is a direct violation of every Supreme Court precedent related to the Second Amendment from MacDonald to Bruen. At GOAL we have been working non-stop to break this bill down into its worst parts and you can see our analysis and breakdown here: https://www.goal.org/Lawful-Citizens-Imprisonment-Act

If you care about your Second Amendment civil rights, please take some time to familiarize yourself with the bill and read our resource page (the link in the previous paragraph).

 Please take the following actions:

  • Find your legislator’s contact information
  • Contact your State Senator
  • Contact your State Representative
  • Contact the Speaker of the House (be nice to Maddie) at 617-722-2500
  • Contact your local Police Chief and ask that they take a strong public stance against this blatant attack on our civil rights
  • Contact your local gun club and let them know they should be putting this information out to their contact lists

Find out if your legislator is holding local office hours or will be at an event this week for the Fourth of July and talk to them about this bill. You can find most of the information about where they will be on their social media pages or websites.

This piece of legislation affects every single gun owner in Massachusetts. Every gun owner, regardless of your age, your interest, if you are a participant in shooting sports, a hunter, a collector, a trainer, or even a retailer: you will all be harmed by this bill. In the past our government has focused on dividing our community and attacking us based on what guns we own or activities we participate in. This time it is an attack on all of us.